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June 13, 2019

Adobe Document Blank Screen While Saving

If you have been attempting to save a document using an Adobe product there is often an option that is unfortunately broken.

There are two options that have issues:

Show online storage when opening files Show online storage when saving files Untick the two options as below:

Following this you will now be able to save documents correctly.  if you are experiencing issues with your computer or other software then please raise a Help Desk Ticket or call 03330 509625.

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May 29, 2019

Webcam Blackmail Scams

Don’t Fall Victim To Webcam Blackmail Scams

An attempted Webcam Blackmail Scam is taking the Internet by storm, our clients have been reporting scam messages from individuals claiming to have intercepted their username and password. These messages often state they have been watching your screen activity and webcam while you have been unaware.

Typically, attackers threaten to broadcast footage to your contacts, colleagues or social media channels. Demanding payment in Bitcoin and malicious hackers blackmail their victims to keep confidential information private.

Where Have the Attacks Come From, Is The Threat Real?

In many cases where hackers have claimed to [...]

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May 14, 2019

How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

It used to be easy to access Safe Mode on Windows by using the F8 key on the keyboard, Windows 10 removed this option with the switch to Secure Boot.

Safe Mode can be used to diagnose and perform corrective actions, it can be used to remove rogue programs or remove infections that are unable to be removed during the normal operational process.

How can we access Safe Mode?

In Windows 10 to access Safe Mode press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and lock your screen and repeat the process to reach the login screen, from there hold down the Shift key and select Restart from the bottom right.

Once your machine is rebooted you will be shown the options screen, select [...]

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April 28, 2019

Quick checklist to see if you have been hacked

Any business that has online dealings should be aware of the dangers online, there is always a threat of hackers. If the severity of the attack is low it is highly possible it will go unnoticed. The damage can be done before any discovery is made, so we need to make sure any potential threats are discovered before they cause irreparable damage to your infrastructure.

If you have been hacked by an outside force, the signs may not be obvious but you can detect there is something wrong with your network, with this we can look for the warning signs as below:

How will I know if I have been hacked?

There can be many warning signs, but often they may be dismissed as general [...]

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