CHTSI brings you our Managed Services product. We understand that the priority of a business is to have minimal downtime

Our Managed Services (MSP) plans are there to provide the optimal service.

Our Managed Services provides the support for either local or Cloud infrastructure. We have support for Azure, VMware and other Cloud platforms.

Monthly or annual support plans available

Say goodbye to all your headaches. CHTSI Managed Services are built to be affordable and includes a ton of features to make sure your computers are running smooth all the time. We want it to feel like you have your own personal on-call expert.

Are you experiencing difficulties with backups or trying to retrieve lost files? We can be here to make sure your operating system and all your software is kept up to date. You no longer have to worry about IT support again.

A Few Awesome Features Of Our Plan

  • Anti-Virus And Monitoring
    Managed Anti-virus designed to always protect you and prevent issues. If you accidentally click on a bad email link our team will remove the threats or the software will block it to begin with.
  • Maintenance To Suit You
    We provide regular Maintenance, either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Our business is structured to be there 24/7 for you. We provide regular scans of your hard drive to check its integrity and provide ongoing tuneups to make sure your computer stays working perfect for you.
  • Software & Windows Updates
    I am sure many of you do not love Windows Updates, if something goes wrong your system can go down, leaving you without use for hours. You don’t have to fear as our support plan provides ongoing updates and we regularly check to make sure the updates are ready for public use and we include full optimisation of your system.

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