How do I install CHTSI Serve?

If you have paid for a subscription with us you will receive an e-mail with a download link. Once downloaded please install with admin rights, if you need help call us on 03330 509625

Do I need to install anything extra?

No, if you install CHTSI Serve then the application will deploy services to your machines such as our Anti-Virus, Remote Support tool and any backup options.

Can I uninstall CHTSI Serve?

Although we do not recommend it, if you are still paying for your monthly subscription and need to uninstall for any reason you can do so from the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel on Windows.

How do I install the Malware & Virus software?

CHTSI Serve software includes the application with your subscription. Once CHTSI Serve is installed it will be deploy the tools to protect your computer. You must uninstall any other Anti-virus /?Malware software that you have installed. ?If you are experiencing any difficulties with this please call 03330 509625

How do I install Remote Software?

As part of deployment you will be prompted to set a password by Teamviewer, please choose a password that is different to anything you have used in the past. ?Passwords will be synced on the platform but it is secure.

Do you send out a report automatically?

We can provide you with a monthly report for actions carried out on your machines. Reporting is optional as not all our customers like receiving the report.

During the onboarding process, you will have received an email asking if you wish to have a report. If for any reason this email never arrived please email [email protected]

How does the pickup and drop off work?

If your plan includes pickup and drop off then this means that collection, repair and delivery will be free as part of your plan. The only exceptions are that parts are not included and travel in excess of 25 miles are subject to a milage charge, this will be invoiced separately.

How does the monthly charging work?

Our services are normally charged on a monthly basis, if you would prefer an annual payment then please contact us at [email protected] also if you wish to change your subscription plan then please do contact us first.

If you are upgrading from CHTSI Serve to any other plans a discount would be available.

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together. Complete our online form below or call 03330 509625