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March 13, 2019

Great March Offer on CHTSI Serve (Expired)

This offer has expired, we will be doing more discounts at a later date!

As our owner is celebrating his birthday this month we decide to offer our customers 20% off the listed price of our CHTSI Serve Product use the code CHTSIMAR31

A Few Features Included In CHTSI Serve Anti-Virus And Monitoring – Our?Managed Anti-virus is designed to always protect and prevent issues. We proactively make sure your devices are kept up to date and strive to automatically fix issues. Maintenance To Suit You -??Our Maintenance is available weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. We provide regular scans of your hard drive to check for?integrity and provide ongoing tuneups. [...]
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January 9, 2019

Why Has My Computer Frozen

Have you ever been working and suddenly everything stopped? We recently had a call asking why has my computer frozen

Quite frequently we are asked in IT why has my computer frozen, my keyboard is not working but my mouse is. There are many reasons why it can freeze so we just list a few possible reasons:

Check to make sure that there are no processes still ongoing – Sometimes it may seem like a computer has frozen but it may be going through an extensive task that hogs resources. Give it a bit of time before closing the system down Software or hardware – Sometimes there may be a software conflict causing the computer to lock up, such as an issue that affected [...]

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November 23, 2018

5 Reasons to choose Managed Services over an in-house IT team

When starting or running your business it can seem the obvious step to hire an in-house IT team but it might not be the best idea

We show you?5 Reasons to choose Managed Services over an in-house IT team, regardless of the size outsourcing your IT Support can often become the best decision you could make in your business.

Most SMEs have a modest budget to spend on IT, but if you consider the cost of hiring a full IT team the comparison between hiring an in-house team versus using a Managed Services company becomes very clear. There are benefits to hiring a full team to sit in a cosy office waiting for you to need their support. But during the downtime the team could be [...]

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September 8, 2018

Can We Trust OneDrive?

OneDrive, first released as SkyDrive and later renamed is a competitor to the likes of Dropbox. As part of Office 365 we are given 1TB of space. Can we Trust OneDrive?

Microsoft had a lawsuit with BSkyB and lost the right to use the name SkyDrive. Microsoft following the rebrand attempted to bring their storage to the masses by offering unlimited storage. Due to abuse Microsoft withdrew the option and now offer 1TB with an Office 365 subscription.

Why the headline you may ask? Personal stories are always the base to share experiences. Recently we encountered a bug we weren’t aware of. ?OneDrive is suffering from a bug resulting in files being deleted. Any unintentional [...]

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