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August 22, 2019

CHTSI Serve Now Starting From A New Low Price

Are you looking to speed up your computer and keep your devices running as fast as possible while mitigating any slowdown possibilities? We at CHTSI understand that no one wants to deal with the slowdown of machines getting clogged up with temporary files or unnecessary bloatware that you now find difficult to deal with.

CHTSI developed our CHTSI Serve Maintenance System with our clients in mind. Pricing can be individual based or businesses tend to prefer or plans tailored for businesses with our Starter, Essentials or Managed plans.  Regardless of the plan you choose our priority is to make sure your computer systems are checked, provide routine maintenance and any issues [...]

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July 30, 2019

My Month With The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch released on the 3rd March 2017, although the launch was over two years ago I was predominantly a Microsoft Xbox gamer. Nintendo of the past has not really appealed to me since the Nintendo 64, the joys of playing Mario Kart, Mario 64 and Goldeneye kept me very happy in my teenage years.

Most recently in my 30’s my interest in gaming is dwindling, my time is more precious and with a young family I found the opportunity to game was becoming quite scarce. What has changed with the Nintendo Switch? A lot of the change is because of the idea that Nintendo introduced, what an amazing choice we were given with the ability to play in handheld mode, tabletop [...]

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September 2, 2018

Our Top Back To School Tech Ideas

With Going Back To School We Provide Software And Hardware As Well As Other Back To School Tech Ideas

Nobody wants to have to deal with the nerves of a new school year, maybe you’ve made it to the next school year or this is your first year of high school being prepared is essential. We go through our top?Back To School Tech Ideas.

Hardware And Software Deals, Our Top Back To School Tech Ideas

Apple often runs a promotion if you buy something and this year is no different. Apple is running a back to school promotion where if you buy a Mac or iPad Pro you will get a free pair of Beats, discounts on AppleCare Apple Music and the Apple Pencil (for use with iPad [...]

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August 23, 2018

Top 10 Things To Do With A New Computer

When you get a new computer there are essential things you must do to keep it running well, we list our preferences and congratulate you on your new purchase.

Regardless of whether you get a new Windows-based machine or a Mac, you will want to get set up so that you will have no issues going forward, this article will focus on Windows but we will be doing a Mac version later on. Enjoy the read of our Top 10 Things To Do With A New Computer.

1. Install Windows Updates

It can be easy to mistakenly think that a new computer will come with all the Windows updates fully installed, unfortunately, that is generally not the case. Microsoft releases updates on a weekly basis, [...]

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