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March 13, 2019

Great March Offer on CHTSI Serve (Expired)

This offer has expired, we will be doing more discounts at a later date!

As our owner is celebrating his birthday this month we decide to offer our customers 20% off the listed price of our CHTSI Serve Product use the code CHTSIMAR31

A Few Features Included In CHTSI Serve Anti-Virus And Monitoring – Our?Managed Anti-virus is designed to always protect and prevent issues. We proactively make sure your devices are kept up to date and strive to automatically fix issues. Maintenance To Suit You -??Our Maintenance is available weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. We provide regular scans of your hard drive to check for?integrity and provide ongoing tuneups. [...]
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January 21, 2019

When Does Windows 7 Support End

When Does Windows 7 Support End. January 14th 2020 Microsoft are pulling the plug

When Does Windows 7 Support End, all things come to an end. Before Microsoft ends support we recommend you take action to avoid any problems in the future.

What does this mean to me?

If you are running a business or using a computer in your home then having supported software becomes very important. Once Microsoft ends support for Windows 7, then they will no longer fix any bugs. There won’t be any future security fixes.This puts your identity and security at risk. Not only this but you will no longer be compliant and working with credit cards means you will be failing PCI [...]

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January 9, 2019

Tech Support Scams And Payment Cards

Tech Support Scammers & now request payment in vouchers?

People fall for Tech support scammers all too often, they usually pray on the elderly or vulnerable that will be naive compared to many other people. The calls play out in a similar manner, you will receive a call from someone saying they are from a reputable company such as Microsoft and state you have a virus. They will convince you to allow them to remote onto your machine so they can show you all the viruses on your machine, unfortunately this is a scam.

They will login remotely and run Event Viewer to show you:

This screen shows a lot of errors but these occur naturally in your machine and they [...]

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October 14, 2018

Join CloudTalk A Cloud-Based VOIP System

CloudTalk Is A Service We Are Proud To Offer You

Businesses offer VOIP systems all the time, often quite expensive due to licensing and the physical hardware that is required. Often companies rely on third-party hardware which is fine but what if you want to be up and running fast? We have a solution for you. CloudTalk brings?a truly anywhere solution?you can switch between mobile and desktop applications and between UK local and mobile numbers in an instant regardless of your location. That is why?We Are Proud To Announce CloudTalk A Cloud-Based VOIP System

Are There Other Benefits Over Hardware VOIP?

Yes of course! With CloudTalk you can consolidate your business contracts [...]

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