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September 5, 2019

Maintain And Protect Your Computers

With computers becoming a primary focus, the need to maintain and protect your computers and having the right security in place goes without saying. Have you ever asked yourself if you need the protection you see online? Well that depends, if you consider your data important then you should always have something in place. Regardless of what Operating System you use, some form of protection is necessary.

What Protection Do I Need?

Our potential clients and existing clients often ask us what protection they require and for very good reason. The Internet is full of misinformation and overpriced software that is often unnecessary and often bloated, this will cause more harm than [...]

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August 22, 2019

CHTSI Serve Now Starting From A New Low Price

Are you looking to speed up your computer and keep your devices running as fast as possible while mitigating any slowdown possibilities? We at CHTSI understand that no one wants to deal with the slowdown of machines getting clogged up with temporary files or unnecessary bloatware that you now find difficult to deal with.

CHTSI developed our CHTSI Serve Maintenance System with our clients in mind. Pricing can be individual based or businesses tend to prefer or plans tailored for businesses with our Starter, Essentials or Managed plans.  Regardless of the plan you choose our priority is to make sure your computer systems are checked, provide routine maintenance and any issues [...]

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August 6, 2019

Great August Offer On CHTSI Serve

As summer is here we are offering customers 20% off the listed price of our CHTSI Serve Product use the code CHTSIAUG31 for our August Offer On CHTSI Serve 

A Few Features Included In CHTSI Serve Anti-Virus And Monitoring – Our Managed Anti-virus is designed to always protect and prevent issues. We proactively make sure your devices are kept up to date and strive to automatically fix issues. Maintenance To Suit You – Our Maintenance is available weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. We provide regular scans of your hard drive to check for integrity and provide ongoing tuneups. ?Give life back to your computer and let you go about your day. Malware [...]
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March 18, 2019

10 reasons why CHTSI is a great computer support option for you

Computer support is still a requirement today, even when replacements are getting cheaper. See our list of reasons below.

1. Great ServiceDesk Available 24/7

With CHTSI we have our live Service Desk where we will be looking at tickets 24/7. Our office hours are typically 7am – 11pm, however we continually monitor our ServiceDesk and we utilise team members across the Globe to guarantee that your tickets can be looked at in a timely fashion.

2. Night And Weekend Support

If you are a night owl or just operate from a different timezone we have you covered, not only that with the proactive monitoring we provide our customers issues are often resolved before the [...]

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