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September 10, 2019

How Do I Add A Signature To Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become the most popular Mail client for offices across the globe, if you have found that your signature is missing or if you have never set it up to begin with then we can give you the steps you need to get setup.

As we have clients who ask how do I add a signature to Outlook, the steps are easier than you think. Please see the steps below:

First go to File from the top menu:

Next go to Options:

Next go to Mail from the left hand pane:

Next select Signatures from the middle pane:

Select New:

Choose any name you like and select OK:

Type a new Outlook signature [...]

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April 6, 2019

What Is CEO Phishing and why you should be wary

Ransomware is not the most sophisticated form of attack and our clients are asking what is CEO Phishing?

We want to raise awareness to the increase in sophisticated Phishing e-mails designed to look like it is from a legitimate source. As our clients ask us “What is CEO Fraud”.  Our answer is better in the form of a blog post to raise awareness to all.

What is CEO Phishing Fraud?

CEO Phishing fraud often occurs when a hacker infiltrates a companies e-mail system, gaining knowledge about the style of writing, personality type and any factual information that can increase credibility. Once the hackers feel they have enough information then they request money [...]

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January 15, 2019

Why A Business Should Never Use A Free Email Service

We explore why a business should never use a free email service

A free email service can be convenient when you first get started, but what you need to consider is the impression it may give to potential customers. There is also the fact you have to consider the permanence factor. Should you choose a free email address and your potential client(s) or existing customers start using the email address you can be stuck with it! The best thing to do is to have the right one from the outset.

A few more reasons to avoid free email services Business Image

A free email service such as AOL, Yahoo or gmail may seem convenient but who impressed will your customer be to see something such [...]

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October 10, 2018

Why Has Excel Updated My Sources?

After Opening My Microsoft Excel Document Why Has Excel Updated My Sources? My Excel Sheet Now Shows #Ref

We have received a few calls asking why has Excel updated my sources, let us provide some insight.

We assume by design as Microsoft was made aware of this behaviour back when Microsoft Office 2010 was popular. We think that Microsoft does not label this a bug as in a Microsoft KB article the behaviour is explained.

In this document Microsoft posts:

Scenarios that may cause links to not work as expected

There are several circumstances in which links between files can be inadvertently made to point to erroneous locations. The following are [...]

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