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April 6, 2019

Be Wary About CEO Phishing?

Ransomware is not the most sophisticated form of attack and our clients are asking what is CEO Phishing?

We want to raise awareness to the increase in sophisticated Phishing e-mails designed to look like it is from a legitimate source. As our clients ask us “What is CEO Fraud”.  Our answer is better in the form of a blog post to raise awareness to all.


What is CEO Phishing Fraud?

CEO fraud often occurs when a hacker infiltrates a companies e-mail system, gaining knowledge about the style of writing, personality type and any factual information that can increase credibility. Once the hackers feel they have enough information then they request money [...]

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March 19, 2019

OneDrive Is Out Of Space

Microsoft has been generous with OneDrive space by offering a default space limit of 1TB, not all companies allow employees to fill 1TB and in our experience sometimes exceed their allocated storage. We take you through a possible solution to resolve this if you think you’ve no where near reached your limit.

Employees may be allocated less space

OneDrive by design was made to sync local documents up to the Cloud, originally Microsoft forced users to have a copy on the local device and the Cloud. Lately that model changed in light of their Surface devices available with as little as 32GB onboard memory, an online only mode was inevitable.

So why would we allocate [...]

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March 18, 2019

10 reasons why CHTSI is a great computer support option for you

10 Reasons is only a few of the great reasons our clients use us 1. Great ServiceDesk Available 24/7

With CHTSI we have our live Service Desk where we will be looking at tickets 24/7. Our office hours are typically 7am – 11pm, however we continually monitor our ServiceDesk and we utilise team members across the Globe to guarantee that your tickets can be looked at in a timely fashion.

2. Night And Weekend Support

If you are a night owl or just operate from a different timezone we have you covered, not only that with the proactive monitoring we provide our customers issues are often resolved before the client notices.

3. Mac And PC Repairs

Before we redesigned [...]

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March 17, 2019

Schedule an Appointment for quick support

Book an IT Consultant

When you Book an IT Consultant it doesn’t have to be a difficult process, we offer the ease of making a quick appointment to see if we are the right fit or you can go ahead and book an appointment covering the IT issue that you were searching for.

CHTSI offer a wide range of services including:

Backup & Disaster Recovery Computer Repair Cyber Security E-mail Migration to a Hosted Solution or Office 365 In-Home Support IT Support IT Training Malware or Virus Removal Network Setup and equipment moving Office 365 Remote Support Schedule An Appointment

Use my online scheduling page by vCita to schedule an appointment with [...]

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March 13, 2019

Is Your Smartphone Secure?

Is Your Smartphone Really Secure?

There is a big focus on Cyber Security at the moment, we all hear in the news and online about keeping our systems secure. With Malware, Adware and phishing attacks becoming the norm it is imperative we keep up withs security but did you know the majority of Smartphones no longer get security updates?

Budget Devices

When we talk about Smartphone market share at the time of writing Android has 74.15% market share based on statistics from Statscounter. Unfortunately a large amount of Smartphones out there are abandoned by the Manufacturers and no longer receiving any security updates or any updates at all.

This does not just happen with [...]

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